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BY OVER 300%

Over 42% of website visitors would want to chat online and know more about a product or solution rather than filling a form. That is why having an AI enabled chat bot is indeed a wise business decision.

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Drive more leads

With AI enabled live chatbot, if you are able to engage about 3% of your visitors (up from 1% if you don’t have a chat option), then this implies that your lead generation, engagement rate or even conversions can possibly increase by upto 3 TIMES the current rate or volume.

Drive More Revenues & Sales

Forrester noted a 10% increase in average order value from customers who engaged in live chat Invesp research shows that users who chat, spend 60% more than the ones who don’t.

Be more profitable

Research states that returning customers are more profitable than the new ones. With live chat , 66% people in a survey (by Furst Person) said they are more likely to return to a website that has a live chat.

An AI-Enabled Chatbot Can Help You Capture More Inquiries & Leads.

You are Missing Customer Inquiries.


Why Would You Need a Chatbot with Artificial Intelligence?

Over 40% visitors of a website come after 9 PM. Your AI chatbot works 24*7 interacting with visitors and collecting leads, even when you are asleep
What is 4-5 website visitors want to ask a question simultaneously? Your AI chatbot can easily handle and interact with these visitors simultaneously.
Keeping a dedicated custom support executive or devoting your own time to keep a tab on chats is an expensive proposition. Let your AI enabled chatbot help you save money, time and rather help you earn more.

First Impressions

First Impressions are Important- Between 70%-96% of your website visitors will never return back. That’s why you have only one chance to convert and impress your site visitors.
Let TalkrBot make an impressive pitch in a human-like voice-over and keep the visitors glued in.  The more time they spend on your website, the higher their chances of buying or converting.

Exciting Features of AI-Enabled Chatbot

AI Chatbot + Live Chat Facility

AI chatbot + Live chat functionality - Chat with visitors when you are online. However, when you are offline, let your AI enabled chatbot handle all conversations and collect leads.

3D Avatar with Human-like Voice Over

A 3D Avatar- make the conversation real life and engaging. Attract visitor’s attention immediately.

Bot to User Automated Thankyou eMails

Our automation system automatically captures emails and can send thank you messages, without any human intervention.

Real-time Dashboard

With a real-time dashboard, you can keep a tab on chats, jump into a live chat, track your leads, analyze your leads by country or date or by fields and also download your leads.


Use Cases- Limitless Opportunities

Send automatic thank you emails and SMS after the chat is completed (Enterprise version)

Automatic meeting scheduling from the chat & meeting link sharing (Custom version only, talk to us)

Increase Video views by sharing videos within chat (Enterprise version)

Send an automated message with an offer or link to the users on Facebook messenger after the chat (Custom version only, talk to us)

Score your lead automatically (Custom version only, talk to us)

Dynamic Remarketing to people who chatted with the chatbot on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google ((Custom version only, talk to us)


How it Works?

Our Pricing Plans



Per Month (When paid annually)

  • Automated chatbot with up to 4 levels of chat (Questions, Yes, No options, URLs in chat)
  • A panel to check analytics
  • A panel to check conversations and leads
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Per Month (When paid annually)

  • All in Economy + more below
  • 3D Avatar
  • Award winning machine generated voice over speech for avatar
  • 6 Levels of chat
  • Live chat option + AI Chatbot option- both enabled
  • Include images in chat
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Per Month (When paid annually)

  • All in Professional + more below
  • Auto thankyou SMS
  • Auto thankyou email
  • Daily leads in excel sheet to your email id
  • Premium human like voice over for Avatar
  • Include video in chat
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